*Unfortunately, details that are not applicable for 2020 have a strikethrough below.


Are my tickets mailed to me?  What do I bring for my reservation?
Tickets are not mailed but given to you when you check-in for your reservation at the front desk.  Your name will be on the reservation list, so nothing else is needed.

New attractions – Every year, we have new features and attractions.  This year is no different.  We will highlight some of the new items as we get closer to November, and some we will keep for your surprise when you arrive.

Is it the same Santa/photographer?
Yes.  Assuming another year of good health and no sickness, we will have one Santa and his trusty photographer.

Are you connected with or are the same as a Victorian Country Christmas?
Completely different event and entrance.  You shop at theirs.  You get pictures and play at ours.  The North Pole only uses the Red Gate.

Are you adding elves this year? Mrs. Claus?
Although we are unable to get any elves away from the North Pole, Mrs. Claus has agreed to make visits to our North Pole throughout this Christmas season.  She is excited to come to play with the kids and of course make sure Santa isn’t just eating cookies during his lunch break.

Do I have to take Santa pictures to come to the North Pole?
Absolutely not! You can purchase tickets to the North Pole on our website or at the gate. Tickets are $5 each for adults and children, 2 years and older.

Is everything included with admission?
Most everything is included with admission, but there are a few things that cost extra.  Souvenirs are additional charges.

Do I need a reservation to come to play?
No.  Reservations are only for Santa photos.  You can welcome to purchase admission tickets and come play whenever we are open!

Photography FAQ

Can pets have their portraits too?
Santa loves well-behaved pets… just not snakes. Pet owners are welcome to bring their pets, but we encourage you to be mindful of children and possible pet allergies.

I have 5 children!  Do I need to make more than one reservation if they are all going to be in the same picture?
Absolutely not!  We can fit as many people as you would like in your Santa photo.

What if I do not spend all of my $20 credit on Santa pictures? Will I receive a refund for the difference?
The cost of each Reservation is to reserve your time slot for Santa photos and Admission to the North Pole.  The $20 credit that we offer back to you for your Reservation can only be used toward your picture purchase.  If there is any unused portion of the credit, it will not be refunded as payment to the customer.

Will I have to wait if we have an appointment?
98% of the time no.  Everyone who sees Santa has an appointment, and each time slot has multiple openings. In order to accommodate all the families who want to see Santa, we book several appointments per time slot. There may be a  short wait after you check-in, but there are lots of things to do and see until your name is called.  2% of the time, stuff happens, but we have safeguards to put us right back on schedule.

If I’m coming with another family do we need to book separate appointments?
Yes. If you are seeing Santa together or separately, you need to book different appointment times to make sure Santa is able to spend quality time with each child. We do book several appointments per time slot, so most likely you can book them together. If each of you would like a picture of your own family and then a picture of both families together, you will need to make 3 reservations.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?
All appointments are non-refundable. If you are a no-show, that is a missed opportunity that we have both lost out on.  If you need to change an appointment, we will do our best to reschedule you. A $10 rescheduling fee may apply. Any rescheduling requests must be made via email.

What if my child is scared or won’t sit on Santa’s Lap?
We will spend a reasonable time working with and warming up nervous children. We do have some great tricks and distractions to get you the best possible picture with Santa. Children ages 12 months to 3 years generally have the toughest time warming up to Santa. Don’t worry too much – these are sometimes the best, and most favorite, photos.

What if I am unhappy with my pictures? Can I get my deposit back?
We are happy to work with you and your child(ren) to get the best picture possible. However, if you are still unsatisfied, we are happy to refund your deposit paid, less the admission price to the North Pole.